NL Review!! Olamide’s Science Student Video, Here Is Our Thought About It


In an attempt to get creative and to avoid the drug abuse criticism, Olamide dished out a movie-like video for his monster hit single, “Science Student” and ever since it has attracted mixed reactions from fans.

With over 500k views, just 24hrs after the video was released, it is no doubt, the video will get millions of views in few weeks/months to come and that is definitely more money for Olamide.

Kudos to Olamide, the costume was on point, the set was totally dope and the visual quality is top-notch. It not contestable that this video will rake millions of cash and awards for the YBNL boss.



It is Obvious that Olamide and those involved in the production of the video were struggling to find a balance between telling a story and producing a groovy musical dance video that does not encourage Drug abuse ??

The video has two good story lines but the failure to connect the two good story lines wrecked the whole concept. What happened in the Laboratory and the whole dance outside the Lab was not creative enough.

Instead of splitting the two scenes, the combination of the laboratory and the dance story would have made the video a dope one.

Splitting the two scenes succeeded in making the video boring and unnecessarily long. Truth be told, most TV channels won’t show the dance scenes at the end.


Have you watched the high school musical movie, “Stomp The Yard“? The whole chanting and dance steps towards the end of “Science Student” video was apparently stolen from the movie.

It was as if Nigerian Dance Queen, Kaffy just Copied and paste the whole concept for Olamide. If she has gotten any Kudos from Olamide or anyone, the Kudos needs to be retracted immediately.

Meanwhile, whoever has watched Beyonce‘s “Who Run The World” music video will easily notice a costume theft or let’s say the video actually influenced the choice of costume for dancers in the “Science Student” video.


All thanks to Unlimited LA for the clear visual output noticed in the “Science Student” video. The technical director was superb and every single camera shot was excellent.


Overall, We rate this Video 6/10 ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

So guys, over to you ?

What Your Say About Olamide “Science Student” Video?

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Jelili said:-

It is funny how this video turned out to be an over hyped nonsense. We all know Olamide has always been dope with music videos but he made a total mess of this “Science Student” video in an attempt to prove a point. He should have saved himself the whole stress and money spent by making the video wholly dance. LMAO!!

Kabir said:-

Sincerely, the video was totally below expectation even though it has a superb technical directions but the overall conceptualization turned out to be the whackest I have ever seen.

OG Deji said:-

I will just like to point out the lessons I learnt from this video. In whatever you do in life, forget criticism and be yourself.

Olamide in an attempt to run away from criticism yet trying to do something dope gave us this. This is far from what even Olamide had in mind before the Drug Abuse sh!t came and baba had to change plan.

I believe he would have done better by putting the real Olamide we know in to play in the video. Make him just dey dance with 2 fine babes would have done the Magic. This Video gulped too much money and yet we are still not feeling it. So Sad! ?

Joel Williams (Twitter User) said:-

Olamide can copy Bollywood ehn.. See as he pack crowd full his Science Student video like those Zee world singers that will pack their society and full in music video.

I don’t understand what the video is all about sef!

Wale Adetona (Twitter Users) said:-

I know y’all Loyalists will come at me but Olamide should have just ended this Science Student thing at just the Audio.

He wasted such Money and Creativity to confuse us with a Video that the song is not a drug-promoting one.

Ladi Speaks (Twitter Users) said:-

I used to think I spend money on silly things until I realized Olamide spent millions to prove to me his song Science Student is saying No To Drugs ??

Makinde said:-

I understand the trouble he went through as regard the Drug abuse accusation when the Audio dropped.

Olamide was trying to play safe and he totally lost it.

Dope Costume & Set if you ask me but the Storyline is nothing to write home about.

He will definitely rake in Millions of Naira and also bag Awards with this Video but truth be told, the Video lacks good storyline.

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