Scam Alert for everyone, Beware!!!!! Of these criminal

Are you a blogger, programmer, business man/woman? or what ever you are into, Try and take note of these a scammer in Nigeria,
His name is  Thansu Samson muyiwa A. K. A Usher_Star The CEO of

Beware of him, he his a thief, scammer and an hacker. These guy was paid by an upcoming blogger who just started blogging to help him get a domain (. Com. Ng) Usher and  the blogger bargained and both agreed on a price and the blogger paid him, after sometimes the blogger have not received his. Com. Ng till today, Usher (the scammer) requested that he should send him 500 card before he can activate it well, the bloggers said it was not their initial plans, so he said usher should have told him before they started the transaction, after another time, the blogger started  calling usher(the scammer) but he refused to pick and he banged the call,since then usher have not done justice to these blogger, the blogger warned him and promise of letting the world know what has happened, currently usher went and blocked him on all social media’s and others…..

Also many people also shared the same testimony about his bad characters… So don’t be a victim.
I guess you have read it very carefully, so be ware of  Thansu Samson muyiwa aka usher_star
He his a  Scammer❗❗❗❗


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